If you are a satellite internet customer, you most likely already know that satellite internet is not nearly as fast as a cable connection. However, if you are living in a rural community and your only other option is dial-up, satellite internet is a much better option. Sure, the speeds will be much slower than cable or […]

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September 22, 2014

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In today’s world, we have lots of different options that we can use to access the internet. Options include: DSL, dial-up, cable, and even satellite. In recent years, satellite has become a pretty popular way to access the internet. It works in basically the same way as satellite television- a transmission is sent from your […]

WildBlue is one of the most well-known satellite internet companies around, but very few people know of them. The truth is that only subscribers who have limited options even turn to alternative internet service providers like satellite, so it wouldn’t be on the radar of DSL or cable internet users. But those residing in rural […]

DISH Network has decided to expand its programming by adding Fusion Network, which is a new channel. Fusion Network offers a very different combination of original reporting, comedy and lifestyle content that is aimed more so at their young, and multicultural subscribers. DISH Network is the very first nationwide provider of the Fusion Network, they are […]

If you are fed up with your current internet provider, you are probably looking for a company in your area that offers faster speeds. The big problem with this is that all internet providers proclaim to offer the fastest internet connection the world has ever seen. With those tall tales circulating it can be difficult […]

Are you looking for a new internet provider? Do you enjoy playing games with others? If so then you some important information to gather before you choose which company will be your service provider. Whether you are an occasional gamer or one who spends endless hours playing first person shooters (FPS) and multi-player games, you […]

Just because you do not live in a large sprawling urban area does not mean your business has to suffer. In fact with the right internet connection you can have a home based business just about anywhere in the nation. But that business will almost certainly require you to have a high speed internet connection. […]

Some rural customers that have recently signed up with Exede satellite internet have been experiencing unusually high data usage. Whether there is one person or a family of five sharing internet service, one household should not eat through half of their data limit within just a week or two. In order to ascertain why your […]

If you live in a rural area and you are considering signing up for satellite internet service, you should make sure you read all Exede internet reviews. Even though it is true that in nearly all aspects satellite is comparable to DSL or cable internet, the mere fact that is uses a satellite can pose problems […]

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